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Who Are We

We, Association for Rivers and Coastal Ecosystems Conservation with legal entity are a group of indigenous people (Chenchus and Mallas) women managed Not for Profit making NGO. Its purpose is to countering Climate Change issues, challenges, and to initiate Adaptation Mitigation and to promote Millennium Development Goals relating to the Indigenous People of the Krishna River Valley and the People of our part of the Indian Coast of Bay of Bengal.

Our Antiquity. 

We, the Chenchus and Malls including our ancestors are the part of Biodiversity and Ecosystems of Nallamala Forest of the Krishna River valley. We are descendants of Lordess mysamma, and Lord Mallana. Our great grand mother’s name was sanskritezed as Krishna-veeni which was named after to the Sacred River, now called as Lordess Bhramari. And Lord Mallana’s names was sanskritezed as Lord Mallikarjuna and also been called as Lord Siva, Sankara, and Hara and with some other sanskritezed names, in the process of Aryanization and Sanskritization of Indian Culture and Tradition. 

The Sacred shrine Sreesailam the abode of Lord Mallana, is the age old shrine Sreesailam had been guarded by eight Wild hounds (Reechus) the incarnations of Lord Bhirava also called Bhadrudu in eight corners of the shrine, It is earlier than shrine Varnasi, which is guarded by a women deity. In process of Aryanization of Indian Culture and Tradition, these eight hounds guarding the shrine were replaced by eight Nandis (Oxen) for their outstanding contribution to the settled agriculture in place of hunting and food gathering fashion of the early human existence and survival. 

We are progeny of Lord Mallana through Lord Bhairava the only son of Lord Mallana born out of His flesh and blood,  where the other two Sons, Lord Ganapathi and Lord Kumara Swami were His spiritual sons. 

We are decedents of the people of Krutayaga the earliest of the Human Culture of the land according to Vedic Calendar, before Treetayuga, Dwaparayuga and Kaliyuaga, in which we the Humankind are making existence and passing through.  No sacred Puranas say that Lord Singanna (also called Lord Narasimha) and Lordess Chenchita beget children. Lord Singanna and his concert’s abode is Shrine Ahobilam of Yerramala, Kurnool Dt. Our name Chenchus, the name after our ancestor’s great grand mother Chenchita, was attributed to us in process of Aryanization or Sensitization of Indian Culture and tradition. 

Archeological evidences say we are people of pre-historic age also called as People of Stone Age Culture. We were identified as Indigenous People by United Nations, as one among 25 groups in South Asia, and one among 223 of the World Indigenous Peoples groups. We were identified as Primitive Tribal Groups by the Government of India and by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. 

Our population is dwindling along with the flora and fauna because of our inseparable nature with the Nature. We strongly believe we are part of Wild Life, Biodiversity, more to say we are par of the Ecosystem of River Valley of Krishna.

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